Cult of Trump Already Spinning Scaramucci Embarrassment as Strategic Brilliance

During any Trump administration dust up, you can easily tell who the serious people are and who are just cheerleaders. Hiring Anthony Scaramucci as White House Comms Director and giving him a ride on your boot within the span of 2 weeks is an embarrassment in and of itself. That Scaramucci made himself appear certifiably insane while talking to a reporter was just icing on the cake.


Still, there are people who will make every effort to force the observable facts to conform to their personally chosen reality. Everything Trump does is a brilliant strategic decision that is countless moves ahead of his opponents. Barack Obama’s cult of personality has nothing on Trump’s. The capacity for self delusion is not limited to one party.


Mooch’s only purpose was to help Trump get away with firing people on his staff without it being traceable to him? That is some courageous leadership.


Jim Hoft’s follower is asserting that President Trump used Scarramucci as a pawn. Trump let his friend sell his company and destroy his marriage, just so he could be used briefly as cover for firing Reince Preibus without angering the Republican “establishment.”

Remember, Trump was sold to us as someone who would not be intimidated by the establishment. Now he’s devising byzantine plots which sacrifice his friends for no other reason than to avoid getting the establishment mad.

I don’t doubt that morally Trump has the capacity to use his friends like that but is he really that afraid of the establishment Republicans who can’t even do something they’ve promised to do for seven years?

Trump mouthpiece Bill Mitchell did a dance around Trump’s non-chaotic chaos strategy during the Mooch’s brief tenure.



I know the following is a “fake news” CNN tweet but this is probably one of the more likely explanations for the abrupt end to Anthony Scaramucci’s brief White House career.

I would have guessed that it never even got that far. My assumption would have been that General Kelly was offered the Chief of Staff position and he made Scaramucci’s removal a condition of his acceptance.

More often than not, things that happen look exactly like what they are. Some people give Washington politicians far too much credit by suggesting that they are only faking their incompetence.


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