Crowdfunding Site Launched in Response to Grave Injustice Visited upon Ann Coulter

The great thing about America is that despite our political differences, when faced with great adversity, we come together as a people to aid those in need and restore justice. In that fine tradition, a total stranger has stepped up to the plate in order to aid Ann Coulter in her time of need. Ann, as you know by now, was the victim of a heartless airline empire that coldly deprived her of a few extra inches of legroom despite her great sacrifices on behalf of a grateful nation.


Sure, she mocks 9-11 widows and black people getting killed by police officers and repordedly lives off a diet of the souls of fresh puppies.

But, she’s an American and when Americans need help we step up! #MAGA  #Snowflakes #ThisDoesntCountAsWelfare

All she wanted was some extra leg room.

Thats it, and what did she get? No leg room, almost like she was a common poor!

Most people don’t even grasp the extent of her sacrifices on our behalf.

I don’t presume to know why Ann’s time is so valuable. I’m not sophisticated enough to understand things like that any more than I understand complicated hoagies with foreign sounding names.

What I do know is that my faith in humanity is restored.



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