Florida Man Can't Believe What Nasty Creatures Are Invading His Property

Wait. When exactly did the United States develop a monkey problem? Fire ants, killer bees, feral hogs—all these have been well documented.

But monkeys?

In Florida, one man’s property has been invaded and the troop of Rhesus monkeys is stealing the food from his deer feeder.


Local media report that Brian Pritchard of Ocala says troops of rhesus monkeys have been invading his property in search of food in his deer feeders. Cameras he set up to photograph deer instead contain pictures of dozens of monkeys.

Pritchard says the primates have eaten 250 pounds of food in recent days.

Officials say the monkeys probably originated in nearby Silver Springs State Park, which recently shut down two areas because of increased monkey presence. It’s estimated that 200 monkeys live in the park but many are seen beyond its boundaries.

A state park had to be shut down due to monkey infestation? In America?

Forget about all this Russia nonsense. How is this even happening and why isn’t the National Guard involved?

Monkeys may look cute and comical clowning around on Animal Planet but in reality they are disgusting and vile creatures who are made of pure evil.


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