Laura Loomer and the Fleecing of the 'New Right'

Fresh off their hysterics about the right being denied free speech at Berkeley, the “new right” is enthusiastically celebrating Laura Loomer as if she were the next Rosa Parks for courageously disrupting a dramatic production they find offensive. The #FreeLaura hashtag warriors ate it up with a spoon without even realizing it was all an orchestrated stunt. It was a stunt that probably continues to separate many of them from their money.


One tweeter pointed out that the domain was created by Ezra Levant for Rebel News Network Ltd. at around 18:00 zulu time which translates to around 2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time — 4 hours before Laura Loomer stormed the stage to protest the play.

Clearly the plan was for Loomer to get arrested and play the martyr for the angry mob. The #FreeLaura free for all even continued on Twitter long after she was released from police custody.

What was the intended purpose for the new domain?

The domain redirects to Rebel’s donation page for Loomer’s “legal defense fund.”

At the moment when Trump was being gleefully murdered — an applause moment for America’s left-wing entertainment elites — Laura jumped on stage and condemned the play for normalizing political violence.

Laura was arrested held by police. The theatre company, by contrast, continues to produce their snuff show, glamorizing and normalizing violent terrorism in America.

UPDATE: Laura has been freed from jail. She is facing two charges: trespassing and disorderly conduct. We will fight those charges vigorously in court. 

A legal defence fund has been started for Laura. You can contribute to it below.


There’s no indication on the Rebel site of how much money they’ve raised to defend Laura from a couple of misdemeanors. Given the heated social media activity surrounding the whole stunt, it is probably no small amount.

The degenerate sleazebags at WeSearchr also started a legal defense fund for Loomer which now exceeds $10,000 and aims to raise $25,000. Either someone was expecting far more serious charges to be leveled or someone realized that they could make bank off the political hysteria.

Loomer denies being a “paid protester” but someone is sure getting paid. (At this point, I don’t know why anyone would balk at being a paid protester when they’ve already adopted so many leftist traits and tactics. )

$24,ooo would be nice take for one night’s work.

I don’t always agree with Bill Kristol but he found the perfect quote for what seems to be going on.


This is basically what destroyed any political momentum created by the Tea Party. Once people realized they could make money from the movement it was rendered virtually impotent.

The populist “new right” seems way ahead of schedule.


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