GOP Rep Recorded Saying Thanks to Trump 'We're Going to Hand the Gavel to Pelosi in 2018'

U.S President Donald Trump listens as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, makes a statement, Tuesday, May 23, 2017, in the West Bank City of Bethlehem. Standing alongside Abbas, Trump said an agreement with Israel could "begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East." (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Someone managed to make a secret recording of a talk given by Congresswoman Martha McSally to the Arizona Bankers Association. McSally expressed frustration with how President Trump’s antics are making things difficult for House Republicans seeking reelection.


McSally complained that President Donald Trump and his tweets were creating troubling “distractions” and “it’s basically being taken out on me. Any Republican member of Congress, you are going down with the ship. And we’re going to hand the gavel to Pelosi in 2018, they only need 28 seats and the path to that gavel being handed over is through my seat. And right now, it doesn’t matter that it’s me, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done. I have an ‘R’ next to my name and right now, this environment would have me not prevail.”

McSally was seeking donations so some of this can probably be attributed to her need to present a reason for people to write checks to her campaign. It’s nothing new that every Republican gets held to account for the bad actions of the worst among them. It is somewhat unusual that the loose cannon is occupying the White House.

Trump’s tweets and tanking approval rations can’t bode well for Republicans in 2018.

The recording of McSally was likely made by a representative from a left wing organization who infiltrated the private meeting.


McSally’s comments came to light after some of McSally’s critics—including Kristen Randall, the leader of Indivisible Southern Arizona—ordered tickets to a talk McSally was giving at a luncheon for the Arizona Bankers Association.

Someone on Team McSally, however, appears to have taken a closer look at who was attending the event, because four of the five members of the group received emails about two hours before the lunch informing them that their tickets had been revoked. “They caught onto us,” Randall says with a laugh.

But the fifth member (whose identity The Skinny is not privy to) did manage to appear bankerly enough to crash the party—and the spy recorded McSally’s entire speech for the Randall’s group, and from there, it fell into our hands.

The congresswoman expressed how frustrating it is to be linked to the President so closely simply because they belong to the same party.

McSally was more blunt in many of her comments behind closed doors than she typically is when questioned on the issues. In fact, she expressed frustration that the media and her constituents ask her to comment on what President Trump says and does.

“The environment has changed and some of it changed on January 20,” McSally told the crowd. “There’s just an element out there that’s just, like, so against the president. Like they just can’t see straight. And all of a sudden on January 20, I’m like his twin sister to them. And I’m, like, responsible for everything he does, and tweets and says. And they want me to be spending my time as a pundit. ‘I disagree with that. I agree with this.’ I have a job in the legislature!”


“The environment has changed.” That is putting it mildly.


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