Most Hysterical, Over-the-Top, Hyperbolic 'Party of Science' Reactions to Anything Ever in the History of Everything

If you still don’t believe that climate alarmism is a religion (more of a cult, really), take a look at the zealotry being displayed by the faithful on Twitter. If the planet is their idol, apparently the Paris Climate Accord was their most holy scripture. They’re reacting like a bunch of rabid jihadis who just saw a rabbi pee on a copy of the koran or a girl go to school.

As our editor, Caleb Howe, noted, the hyperbole express is fully underway.

The most laughable part is the people who claim to be the “party of science” clearly believe that a sketchy international agreement that half the world would sign and ignore anyway was the only thing standing between life on earth and total oblivion.


We’ve got the preening apology crowd, led by minuscule communist Robert Reich.

It’s the European style socialist who really has his finger on the pulse of “American values.”

So business as usual. Why all the hysteria? Sheesh.

Of course, no collective left wing conniption would be complete without demonizing guess who?

Look on the bright side, If things are as bad as you clowns are claiming, the world won’t “long remember” anything.

The “vast majority” of people prior to today didn’t even know the agreement existed. Have you ever seen a man on the street interview?

Well, if anyone would recognize creaky fascism it would be the guy who edits ThinkProgress.

Then there are the people who literally don’t know what “literally” means.


It’s going to burn and drown at the SAME TIME.

The imagery here implies a sea level rise of more than 250 feet. Because science.

Not to be outdone, HuffPo goes for 290 feet.

If only we could harness the effort expended by all these hammer and sickle drama queens during their meltdowns, we’d really be on our way to energy independence.

Oh, one more thing, in case you aren’t terrified yet.


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