Sean Hannity Teases 'Huge Announcement Tonight' Involving his 'Future at Fox' and Seth Rich Story

RedState has been following the, shall we say, difference of opinion between Fox News and talk show host Sean Hannity regarding the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. Fox earlier retracted an article containing claims that Sean is still pushing on Twitter, his radio show, and on his Fox News television show apparently.


Now Sean is teasing a big announcement about the Seth Rich conspiracy theory as well as his “future at Fox.” Hannity’s defiance of Fox today on the radio certainly lends itself to speculation about the host and network parting ways.

Is it a play to boost his ratings or does he really have something big to reveal? I guess we won’t know until tonight. He’ll probably milk most of the hour before saying anything he considers to be “huge.”

I won’t make any predictions because ever since Hannity became a full time apologist for Donald Trump, he’s liable to say anything.


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