VIDEO: Sheriff's Helicopter Warns Paddle Boarders They Are in an Area Populated by "15 Large Great White Sharks"

California paddle boarders got a troubling warning from an Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Just imagine  that you’re frolicking in the ocean off your favorite beach when you hear an announcement from a helicopter’s loudspeaker telling you that you are in the vicinity of “fifteen large great white sharks.”


I like the ocean, but I have little desire to be in the ocean. On the ocean in a boat is great but there is a trend where people insist on going out on the ocean on craft better suited for lakes and ponds. Sea kayaks still at least somewhat resemble a boat, but paddle boards look more like the kind of thing you hope to find after your boat sinks.

People use steel cages to protect themselves from these predators but hey, let’s paddle around their backyard on a chunk of styrofoam.



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