Harvard Law Professor Claims Firing Comey Is an Impeachable Offense Regardless of Investigation Results

The left loves to trot out those whom they can call “Constitutional scholars” when it serves their purposes. Their respect for the Constitution is as selective as their outrage though. The Constitution only matters when it helps their argument or can be twisted into doing so. When they’re forcing elderly nuns to buy birth control or restricting the right to keep and bear arms, the Constitution is no longer revered.


Self proclaimed socialist Lawrence O’Donnell asked Harvard Law Professor about the implications of hearsay and conversations they didn’t hear. Naturally they’ve came to the conclusion that Trump’s alleged request for loyalty from Jim Comey and Trump’s asking the former FBI director if he was under investigation represents a series of high crimes and misdemeanors.

So far there is no actual evidence that Trump demanded a pledge of loyalty from Comey. Trump did admit to asking if he was under investigation and said that Comey replied in the negative.

The two left wingers agreed that Trump’s interactions with Comey alone represent an impeachable offense even if other investigations don’t reveal any improper relationships between the President and Russia.


Tribe is a member of the “Shadow Cabinet” which is basically a bunch of self important leftists who complain on Twitter about President Trump.


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