Senator Who Didn't Know What Race She Was Has 'No Doubt' that Comey Firing is a Cover Up

The last two days have been chock full of Democrat political theater by the usual suspects. The firing of FBI Director Comey has been seized upon by the left as a huge opportunity for masking their real mission which is to obstruct any and all initiatives taken by the White House. The firing of a guy who practically everyone in Washington thought needed to be fired is suddenly a scandal for the ages. Hillary Clinton just got done publicly blaming Comey for her election loss, for crying out loud.


Here’s Senator Faux-cahontas breathlessly telling CNN about how Trump’s firing of the man who cost Hillary the election is just the tip of a conspiracy iceberg.

Asked if she thinks the firing is a coverup here’s how Warren responded.

“I think that there’s just no doubt, given the timing, that the reason that Comey was fired was because Donald Trump wants to cut off any investigation into any connections that he has with his campaign and connections to the Russians.”

I’m not clear on how firing Comey “cuts off” any investigations. Trump didn’t fire the FBI, just the director. Maybe Senator Warren thinks that Comey was single handedly and exclusively conducting the the counterintelligence investigations into alleged Trump ties to Russia.

This all just naked partisanship. Similar hysteria would probably be happening if for some reason President Trump had made an on the record statement saying that he finds no fault with Jim Comey and thinks he is the right man to lead the FBI for the foreseeable future.


It doesn’t help matters that Trump walks right into these traps through his ham handed approach to doing business. Maybe he just likes stirring up the hysterics so he can point to how unfair the media is to him.

Why anyone would trust Elizabeth Warren any more than Trump at this point is beyond me. Like Chuck Schumer, she has proven that she’ll say just about anything, true or not, to score political points and obstruct the White House at every turn.


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