Obsessed Trump Makes Bizarre Change to His Twitter Header Photo

We’ve never had a president who used social media as much or quite like Donald Trump does. He often says that Twitter is his way of battling the narratives promoted by the “fake news” media, but at times it seems to border on obsession. It’s as if he believes that not saying something on Twitter is akin to not saying it at all.  This week, team Trump briefly tried using the header image for @RealDonaldTrump to drive home a tweet they deemed particularly important.

The current President of the United States decided, presumably to hammer a point home, to get a member of his staff to Photoshop one of his own tweets onto his header photo. Please can no one tell him what a pinned tweet is.

This is the tweet they deemed so important that it should be emblazoned in his header graphic. Not a tweet about making America great or some other patriotic or populist sentiment—they chose one that basically was Trump shouting “I’m innocent!”

Someone must have recognized the bad optics because the header was changed shortly after but some people got screenshots and unloaded some snark.



That GIF is pretty appropriate. That the President is so focused on personally tweeting about an ongoing investigation makes it look like he has something to hide. Whether he actually does is another issue altogether. Obsessively tweeting about his own innocence isn’t helping. It just makes him look crazy and distracted.

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