Left Wing Journo's Death-Wishing Twitter Tantrum Perfectly Encapsulates Progressive Lunacy

In the movie As Good As It Gets, an author played by Jack Nicholson is asked how he writes women characters so well. His curmudgeonly response is, “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.” That’s obviously a pretty chauvinistic response, but it would be dead on accurate if he had been asked how he writes left wing progressive characters so well. Left wing progressives like “journalist” Kurt Eichenwald are proof of that.


You may remember Kurt Eichenwald from such fiascoes as calling law enforcement on someone on Twitter for allegedly causing him to have a seizure,  and being pantsed on national television by Tucker Carlson.

Being a left wing progressive, he naturally had a completely hysterical reaction to the House of Representatives passing the American Health Care Act. His hissy fit is perfectly emblematic of the leftist tendency to lack reason and accountability. Thanks to podcaster and author Oliver Campbell for shining a bright light on Eichenwald’s bed wetting histrionics.

Here are those screenshots Campbell posted.



This is an unstable individual to say the least. Infantile Twitter tantrums are not reasonable in the least, whether they come from a left wing progressive or the President (but I repeat myself).


He wishes death upon his opponents families while going apoplectic that someone allegedly hassled his kids on social media. Eichenwald has since deleted his tweet wishing death upon the family members of Republicans for daring to have  different ideas about how to approach a problem. He blames them for his own idiotic rage tweeting of course, because he accepts no accountability. Had someone on the right uncorked an equally frenzied rant against Obamacare jacking their premiums and deductibles into the stratosphere, you can be sure Eichenwald would have been among the first to condemn their veiled racism.


Want to know how to write left wing progressives really well? Start with a man (or a woman) and then take away reason and accountability. You can do it even better if you take away some other things like honesty, consistency, and a sense of proportion.



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