The Hilarious Similarities Between Hillary Clinton and Tomi Lahren Might Surprise You

Surprisingly there are a lot of similarities between failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and ousted commentator for The Blaze Tomi Lahren. You may be asking: what can the old left wing politician possibly have in common with the  air-headed millennial news-face, apart from just being generally terrible? Let’s take a look.


They’re divas pretending not to be divas.

Hillary’s diva-ness goes way back to when she first rode her cheating husband’s coattails into Washington. Rumors always swirled about her being a lamp thrower when she got angry. As First Lady she was known to treat the Secret Service like they were the hired help who were there to carry her bags (and she reportedly got angry when they refused so they could do their jobs). It’s very likely her unorthodox decision to deliver her concession speech the day after the election was because she was in a snarling rage against those she blamed for her loss.

Tomi’s downfall at The Blaze looks superficially as if it was driven by her overnight flip flop on her opinion about abortion, but below the surface you find stories of her berating her makeup people or flying into a temper tantrum if her butt warming cushion was not heated to the proper temperature. Hillary at least didn’t need a butt warmer. That’s what she has John Podesta for.

They each talk out of both sides of their face.

Tomi’s famous abortion reversal is a good example of this. She says that she is anti-abortion but that she is pro-choice. Now, I believe that there are people who find abortion a repugnant practice but not repugnant enough to warrant government intervention. They’re usually not serious thinkers. Neither is Tomi but it’s doubtful she even falls into that category. She’s on record saying she believed abortion is murder. Her new position is likely one she concocted to curry favor with the clucking hens on The View but didn’t expect to get a lot of attention. She painted herself into a corner with it and now she’s trying to convince people she’s against murder personally, but murder isn’t something the government should interfere with. In her Playboy interview, Tomi said that the government restricting abortion only makes abortion less safe for the mother and the baby.


It’s going to make it less safe and more dangerous for the mother and the baby, which is why I take the position that I’m pro-choice.

These are the words of a dingbat trying to sound analytical and pragmatic. It’s like a Miss Teen USA interview segment that knocks a contestant clean out of the running..

Hillary is like Mom from Futurama. In public she tries to portray herself as a your average cookie baking nurturer while behind the scenes she is a ruthless, conniving operator who would likely saw off her own foot to gain political leverage over an adversary. She’ll dig for dirt on rival in illegally obtained FBI files. She’ll smile and regale her media sycophants with all the work she does “for the children” while having a history in which she joyfully put a child rapist back on the street. For the children, she unrelentingly works to make sure our society aborts as many of them as it can.

Everyone is responsible for their problems except themselves.

Since losing the election, Hillary has blamed everything from misogyny to the Russians while not taking any of the blame herself. Streiff nailed it here yesterday.

This is quintessential Hillary Clinton. She’s spent her life blaming every difficulty on everyone else. This is no different. She’s unable to address the core issues that took what should have been a romp and turned it into a loss. Not the least of these issues is the fact that Hillary Clinton is a singularly unlikable and inept politician who is not only a scheming, grasping crook at heart but owes her success in life to occasionally servicing Bill Clinton.


In her Playboy interview, Tomi suggested that reports that her diva-like behavior contributed to her fallout with The Blaze were motivated by personal agendas. The problem with that is that it seems as if it’s her word (which we’ve established doesn’t mean much) against virtually everyone else at The Blaze. It’s not coming from the top down.

And just like Hillary, Tomi had to drop the misogyny card. She’s the victim of the patriarchy

I feel like if the right is not a champion for free speech and independent thinking, who will be? Also, the left is watching how the right treats women, and we are doing their work for them. We can’t silence, diminish, and shame a strong female voice because she takes an opinion that maybe we don’t like—even if she stands for conservative values in every other way but this one issue. I think the left looks at us and thinks, “Oh, good, you’re doing our work for us by taking down strong women on the right.”

That’s actually a double dip. Misogyny as well as that tired old “focus on the enemy” groupthink that many conservative pundits regurgitate to divert attention from our own side’s failings.

Both Hillary and Tomi are people who were made famous by the decisions of others and not through any real accomplishment of their own. Whenever you hear a woman complain that her problems are because someone somewhere doesn’t like “strong women” you can bet that she isn’t particularly strong. Women like that mistake volume for strength when it comes to being a “voice.” Tomi and Hillary both prove that being a dishonest, self centered narcissist is ultimately a weakness, not a strength.


There are plenty of strong female voices who don’t run into these problems. RedState is loaded with them.



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