Crazy Video: Pro-Abortion Nut Freaks Out and Destroys Anti-Abortion Display

This video popped up on YouTube yesterday but I’m not sure where or when the event took place. I can’t vouch for the video’s authenticity, but I have no reason to suspect that it’s not authentic because this sort of behavior is common on the left. Their first impulse is often to try and silence people with whom they disagree. This is especially true when the topic is abortion. Any suggestion that unborn babies are human beings cannot be tolerated by abortion rights activists.


At one point the pro-life demonstrator mentions that his display is freedom of speech and the angry nut screams, “No it’s not! It’s wrong!”

WARNING: This video is very NSFW. There is foul language throughout.


UPDATE: A source informed me that this video was taken on the campus of Texas State University. The area around the stallion statue is a designated “free speech zone” (because the Constitution guarantees finite zones where free speech is allowed, or something).


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