Alec Baldwin Makes Some Surprising Predictions About the 2020 Election

While out promoting his new movie Boss Baby, Alec Baldwin was talking politics, as the left wing actor is known to do. He apparently doesn’t think too highly of the Democrats’ bench.


The actor, who has been outspoken about the Trump administration while lampooning the President on “SNL,” pointed out that there are still a lot of questions about President Trump’s business practices. “Trump said, ‘I don’t need to release my taxes because there are not laws that say that.’ But there are traditions, one tradition is that you stay at the White House as much as possible and get work done… seems that Trump is someone who is shattering every tradition, labeling himself a maverick when in truth he is just lazy. There’s a lot of stuff that is going to come out.”

There’s nothing particularly surprising about that, but what he said next—when asked if he would ever run for office—was revealing.

Though Alec would love to run for office, Hilaria is not a big fan of the idea. Alec smiled, “We’re not gonna do that… I think people need something different, I think that all the people that are on deck to run for office in 2020, none of them are going to win… You think that things are bad now, I tell you when things are going to get worse – if he wins again.” (emphasis added)

None of them are going to win? Is Alec throwing shade on Bernie Sanders? According to many media outlets, President Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin and will destroy this country. In some circles he is considered to be worse than Hitler. His approval ratings have been tanking since his inauguration and they weren’t all that great to begin with. For months after the election all anyone on the left could talk about was how Trump lost the popular vote and was illegitimately elected. At any given moment, the chances that he will say or do something abysmally stupid or damaging are by no means negligible. Even now Democrats are plotting his impeachment.


No Democrat can beat that guy? Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden don’t have what it takes? You’re not feeling the Bern, Alec? Cory Booker? Martin O’Malley? Ok, I’ll grant you that one, Baldwin. Marty couldn’t even beat “other” in most polls.

If I were a hardcore Democrat I’d be pretty ticked off at Alec Baldwin’s surly, doom and gloom attitude. Way to bring everyone down, man.

Maybe Alec just really needs that Saturday Night Live gig and this is all wishful thinking on his part.


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