Naked Protestors Sacrifice Sheep at Gates of Auschwitz, No One Really Knows Why

When you plan a public demonstration your primary goal should be to present a clear message about your cause. If you wander into creepy, Dadaist performance art you’ve defeated your purpose, like these weirdos in Poland.


Police in Poland have detained at least 11 people after a naked demonstration at the Auschwitz museum, on the site of the former Nazi death camp.

The museum said “a group of people killed a sheep, undressed and chained themselves together”.

The incident took place beneath the main gate, which bears the infamous slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” [“Work Makes You Free”].

The motive behind the demonstration was unclear, officials said.

The protestors were mostly Polish but some were from Germany and Belarus.

The demonstrators could be charged with insulting a monument or symbolic place, which may result in a fine or a restriction of liberty, police said.

Local media reported that they used a drone to film the disturbance, and draped a white banner with the red text “love” over the gate.

Some Polish media say the action was a protest against the war in Ukraine, BBC Warsaw correspondent Adam Easton reports.

I’m not sure what the war in Ukraine has to do with naked people killing sheep at a Nazi death camp.

It sure seems to me that trying to boost your publicity by using Auschwitz as the location for your protest is really in poor taste, even if your protest is comprehensible.


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