'You Have Got to Be Kidding Me?!' Trump Jr. Lashes out at London Mayor After Terror Attack

President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr. dredged up an article from last year to slam London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the wake of today’s attack in his city.


The September 2016 article in the Independent was written after the bombings in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.

Honestly, I don’t see much to get outraged about here. The initial reaction is to think Trump Jr. is reacting to something the London Mayor said today about the attack in his own city. That would have been inappropriate, but that isn’t what happened. It appears like that is what Donald Trump Jr. thinks happened though.

Sadiq Khan has said he believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city” and encouraged Londoners to be vigilant to combat dangers.

The Mayor of London revealed he had a “sleepless night” after the recent bombing in New York, and said major cities around the world “have got to be prepared for these sorts of things” to happen when people least expect them.

“That means being vigilant, having a police force that is in touch with communities, it means the security services being ready, but it also means exchanging ideas and best practice”, Mr Khan told the Evening Standard shortly before a meeting with New York mayor Bill de Blasio.


I’m sure I have a lot of political differences with the Labour Party Mayor but I just don’t see anything about those statements to get riled up about. The comments aren’t nearly as blasé or dismissive as Trump’s knee-jerk tweet suggests. Khan basically said that terror is a threat that big cities must reckon with. He wasn’t saying that a certain amount of terrorism is acceptable.

I’m wondering if the President’s number one son was engaging in the all too common practice of flying off the handle after reading a headline without reading the article or even checking to see when it was written.



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