Lying Democrats Gather on Capitol Steps to Celebrate 7th Anniversary of Obamacare Disaster

Congressional Democrats and a few of their citizen props gathered on Capitol Hill to celebrate the seventh anniversary of their ruining the American health insurance system.


Joe Biden showed up to rally for the train wreck he once famously called a “big f*cking deal.” The former Vice President was reduced to dishonest left wing, boilerplate class-warfare rhetoric.

“When you cut to the chase, we’re talking about eliminating close to $1 trillion in benefits that go to people … and transferring all of that to the wealthy. That’s what this is all about,” Biden said before a cheering crowd in front of the Capitol on a blustery morning in Washington.

In the same place where hundreds of thousands of Americans had assembled multiple times to “kill the bill,” the Democrats stood together lying to television cameras and an empty National Mall about the great success of Obamacare. Naturally, there was no mention of the skyrocketing premiums or the bloated deductibles that have made health insurance effectively useless for many.

The Democrats futilely trying to save the law they built on lies and rammed through Congress with underhanded tactics should have been a moment to savor. The desperate Democrat dog and pony show would have been poetic justice. Yet conservatives are floating in limbo, wondering if the seven years of promising to repeal Obamacare was all just blowing smoke.

Governor Moonbeam Brown was in from California and with a spectacular lack of self awareness he had the audacity to attack Republicans for not reading their health care bill.

Joining the Democrats at the Capitol Wednesday was California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), who warned that the Republicans’ “fake healthcare bill” would “devastate” the working class people benefitting from the Affordable Care Act and accusing Trump and the Republicans of pushing an ideology in lieu of a healthcare bill.

“It’s written by people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about,” Brown charged. “I know the people in Trump Tower haven’t read it.”


Remember when Congressman John Conyers (D-Mich.) openly mocked people for suggesting that before voting on it, Congress should actually read the 2000 page monstrosity the Democrats had hastily cobbled together?

Jerry Brown is either the king of trolls or he is a blithering idiot. I suspect the latter. Someone should knock his and Conyers’ head together like an angry Moe Howard. They are bigger stooges than Larry, Curly, or even Shemp ever were.

Nancy Pelosi invoked the founding fathers and how they desired for Americans to have a “healthier life.” Putting the healthcare industry that didn’t yet exist under the obese thumb of the federal government was part of the framers’ vision in whatever alternate universe Nancy lives, but remember, the 2nd Amendment only guarantees you the right to own a musket.

You can watch the circus of lies here if you can stomach it.

The saddest thing is how, with THAT as their opposition, the Republicans still can’t do anything to advance a truly conservative agenda.


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