'Good Lord' - Comedian Norm MacDonald Slams Joyce Carol Oates After She Calls for Trump's Blood

Norm MacDonald is probably one of the most underrated performers in the entertainment industry. He is a gifted story teller, a hilarious comedian, and he’s a pretty smart guy. Today he called out the insufferably pretentious Joyce Carol Oates over her “bloodthirsty” rhetoric.

Sara D. has the story over at Twitchy about how Norm went after Oates for repeatedly playing the Hitler card about President Trump. Keep in mind that Joyce is alleged to be one of America’s premier writers and intellectuals. She’s also the woman who told RedState’s own Kira Davis to check her white privilege. Kira is black (and from Canada but we love her anyway).

Here’s one of the tweets that set Norm off. You can see more over at Twitchy.

Good Lord, Ms. Oates!

Norm is absolutely right.

You don’t even have to be a Trump supporter to see Oates’ rhetoric as irresponsible and inflammatory. Oates has 165,000 followers and it’s not a stretch to think a few of them might be unhinged leftists who might take her words as a call to action.

Remember when the left demanded a “new tone” after blaming Sarah Palin’s website with crosshairs on a map for the mass shooting in Tucson where Gabbie Giffords was shot?  Apparently Joyce (and the Democrat Party) doesn’t remember it. The left gets outraged at imagined calls for violence while celebrating actual ones.

We already have leftist media praising crimes against Trump properties. We don’t need influential academics calling for Trump’s blood.

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