Evan McMullin the Political Opportunist: 'Senator Sessions Lied' and 'He Should Resign'

Evan McMullin was on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper taking a hard stand against Attorney General Jeff Sessions with regard to the current Russian non-troversy. The 2016 also-ran said that Sessions lied under oath and should resign.

MCMULLIN: The biggest issue here though is, Jake, Senator Sessions did not tell the truth while under oath. And I will not accept that he simply didn’t believe that’s what he was being asked, or that he forgot. I think this serves to erode Americans’ confidence in our leaders. I think we have a big problem with that and I think it’s time to call a spade a spade and say Senator Sessions lied and I think he should be held accountable.

TAPPER: Do you think he should resign?

MCMULLIN: I do think he should resign.

I know some of my colleagues in the #NeverTrump community endorsed Evan McMullin’s candidacy for President. I tend to think that this was primarily because he was an escape hatch—a way to still cast a vote but without feeling completely dirty afterward. I don’t think many who endorsed him would have chosen him as the objectively best candidate from a field of primary contenders.

I think it’s time to call a spade a spade and say that Evan McMullin is simply an opportunist trying to exploit a Democrat fabricated controversy to benefit himself politically. There is still an active McMullin SuperPAC out there and I’m sure appearances like this one on CNN are helping to fill it’s coffers.

McMullin isn’t the face of what I think of as the #NeverTrump crowd. RedState is definitely home to a lot of anti-Trump sentiment but, contrary to what Facebook commenters who only read headlines will tell you, we’ve been pretty fair with Trump when it comes to pointing out when attacks against him are unwarranted. There’s plenty to criticize without making things up or following MSNBC’s lead.

I think McMullin is simply trying to cast himself as the chief Trump critic on the right to set up his future political ambitions. Demanding Sessions’ resignation is a cynically calculated attack on something he probably realizes is, as Senator Ted Cruz put it, a “nothing burger.”


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