It Looks Like Trump Fans Got Conned by a Self Promoting Scientology Pitch Girl

Remember Joy Villa, the singer who became a darling to the right by wearing a Donald Trump dress to the Grammys? She was virtually unknown, but thanks to Grammy appearance in a Trump dress, her three year old EP has now hit the top 10. It turns out she’s a shill for the cult of Scientology and appears to have deftly exploited Trump mania to boost her singing career.


Some of us here at RedState have written about Leah Remini’s excellent television series investigating the cult of Scientology. As I have said before, the show resonates with me because its unflinching effort to expose wrongdoing more closely resembles the work of Andrew Breitbart than nearly anything being done by conservative media today.

If you watched the first season of the show you will be familiar with a man named Mike Rinder. Mr. Rinder worked directly for the current leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige. Part of Rinder’s job was to ruthlessly discredit anyone who spoke ill of Scientology. He has since left Scientology and become a vocal critic, at great personal cost to himself, but he was behind a lot of the evil Leah Remini is exposing with her show. I applaud his courage and commitment.

He publishes a blog about Scientology at which he wrote about Villa’s connection to the cult.

Unabashed self-promoter and scientology pitch-woman Joy Villa has cashed in on political divisiveness to make a killing from unsuspecting Trump supporters.

Ms. Villa has previously attempted to attract attention at the Grammy’s by wearing various forms of see-through attire. Her virtual nakedness didn’t garner a lot of attention other than to get her onto the “worst-dressed” list.

But this year, she hit on a brilliant scheme, marketing herself as a walking advertisement for Donald Trump.

In a town and industry that has little love for anything Republican, and plenty of outright disdain and hatred for Donald Trump, Ms. Villa instantly had Trump supporters rushing to defend her, of course without knowing anything other than “She wore a dress in support of the President.”


Mike dug up some old Tweets that suggest Villa’s sudden support for Trump had more to do with publicity than politics. More recent Tweets openly proclaim that she voted for Trump, but at one time she was feeling the Bern.

Note the date and time of the tweet above.

This week she got called out on it.

Between 6:48 pm on Election Day and whenever the polls closed, she went from confused and scared straight to #MAGA. That’s quite a road-to-Damascus moment she had there. Amazing.

Conveniently, Villa is totally on board the Trump Train now that the other passengers are buying her record.

And what is even crazier is that blind supporters of all things Trump (and to be sure there are those that just as unthinkingly support all things “anti-Trump”) did not know that Ms. Villa is a shill for scientology. And that she will capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame to promote herself (with the help of scientology) as a “#1 selling artist” (no longer the oddly self-titled “Grammy considered artist”). This newfound celebrity will be used to try and attract new people to scientology. On top of that, any money that comes in from her skyrocketing downloads will no doubt end up being given to scientology.


So, reactionary Trump supporters are indirectly advancing a con man’s cult that brainwashes people, divides families, attempts to destroy its critics, and may or may not be covering up a history of physical and sexual abuse.

Wait, that kind of makes sense.


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