Kid Rock for Senate? How About No?

Roll Call is reporting that Kid Rock’s name has been floated as a possible GOP Senate candidate to run against Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow in Michigan.


The rocker’s name came up as a possible candidate at a Michigan Republican Party convention last weekend. There have been no official decisions announced as of yet.

Can we not do this anymore? Just because someone gets quasi famous and votes Republican does not mean that they are a good candidate for office. If you think a celebrity might actually be a good candidate, how about running them for a state level office and not trying to leap right to the U.S. Senate? That last bit applies to any potential candidate. Instead of swinging for the fences, try getting base hit first.

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, once said he tended to vote Republican but qualified himself as “more libertarian” to Rolling Stone in 2013. But he has supported several major Republican candidates.

The Michigan native threw his support behind Mitt Romney in 2012 and supported Ben Carson in the 2016 presidential election. He later switched to Donald Trump as he became the party’s nominee.


Unseating Stabenow probably isn’t a likely scenario no matter who the GOP puts up against her but the blending of politics and celebrity is a bad trend. At this time in history the last thing we need to do is make elections into even more of a carnival sideshow.

So far the best argument I’ve seen in favor of “Senator Rock” is, “Well, he can’t be any worse than….”

Maybe we need higher standards than that.



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