Trump-Deranged MD Democrats Do End Run Around GOP Governor, Republicans Walk Out in Protest

Maryland is a state run by the Democrat machine but for the time being Republican Larry Hogan occupies the governor’s mansion. Hogan has distanced himself from Trump to a large degree, but the Democrats are trying to go around him with a measure that would allow the state’s left wing Attorney General Brian Frosh to sue the Trump administration on behalf of the state without the approval of the governor. When the vote was called in the State Senate, Republicans walked out in protest.

Montgomery County Sen. Rich Madaleno said the resolution would allow Attorney General Brian Frosh to launch his own suit against Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration.

Baltimore County Sen. Delores Kelley said the immigration order, currently stayed by a court order, amounted to a state of emergency in Maryland and necessitated giving Frosh the power to sue the Trump administration as soon as possible.

However, Republican Sen. Bob Cassilly of Harford County called it a way for Democrats to fight Trump on the taxpayer dime. Minority Whip Sen. Steve Hershey questioned the timing and asked for a one-day delay so lawmakers can review the measure.

The Maryland legislature is dominated by Democrats so the measure passed anyway and will be taken up by the House of Delegates where it will probably pass as well. It is not a bill that Governor Hogan can veto.

Under the resolution, the legislature would exercise its constitutional authority to grant that permission.

The bill passed after more than two hours of debate. Republicans argued that the delegation of authority was so sweeping that it would be unconstitutional. They also argued that it was a political shot directed at Hogan.

Democrats contended that the state urgently needs to empower its chief lawyer to stand up for the interests of Marylanders on such matters as immigration, health care and the federal work force.

As a joint resolution, the measure cannot be vetoed by the governor.

Republican Delegate Neil Parrott in an email to constituents warned against the consequences of the Democrat power grab.

Rushing through legislation to overcome decades of Maryland Law without proper vetting and debate will not only affect this lawsuit, but will further politicize the Attorney General’s Office for years to come.

Already Frosh is defending Maryland’s heavily gerrymandered map.  With this push, he is trying to sue President Trump over the refugee program now, maybe environment laws later, and who knows what other policy decisions he will insert himself into without the support of the Governor or the Legislature

This is very bad news for Maryland, which is being ramrodded into an expensive and protracted legal wrangling.

There’s seldom any good news for Maryland.

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