Howard Dean's Response to Trump's Tweet About Berkeley "Thugs" is Insane

“Get used to it.”

Those are the words maniacal leftist and failed presidential candidate Howard Dean had for President Trump after the President condemned the violence committed in Berkeley this week over a man giving a speech.

I haven’t seen any pay stubs so I don’t know for sure that any of these protesters were paid, but that is not outside the realm of possibility given the left’s past practices. One can’t reasonably argue with the fact that they are thugs. Anyone who reacts to a guest speaker with wanton destruction qualifies for that label.

Howard Dean begs to differ.

They “oppose hate” by beating the hell out of people in the street? George Orwell, call your office.

I’m sure that makes sense in Howie’s addled brain, but saying it openly in public seems at least a little unreasonable even by Dean’s standards. This sort of statement is the kind of thing one would expect to hear on an embarrassing, accidental hot mic recording, not tweeted directly at the President of the United States.

This is a man who was a state governor and the head of the DNC. He is telling us that masked criminals who destroy property and attack people are the “generation that will soon run America.” And he and his ilk are fear mongering over what Trump might do in office.

Dean is a certifiable lunatic.

But you already knew that.

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