'Wow': ACLU Sees Absolutely Insane Spike in Online Donations After Trump's Temporary Travel Ban

Get ready for a corresponding spike in frivolous lawsuits and astroturfing.

Thanks to President Trump’s executive order temporarily suspending travel from certain countries, in one weekend the American Civil Liberties Union racked up six times the online donations they normally receive in a whole year.


In a normal year they generate about $4 million online. Over the weekend they raised more than $24 million.

That’s insane, and it’s still only January.

In a normal year, the activist group makes about $4 million in online donations. In one weekend, it raised six times as much money.

Officials at the ACLU said they were stunned and gratified by the surge in financial support.

It came on the same weekend that the ACLU and its allies successfully challenged portions of President Trump’s travel ban in court.

Many celebrities and Silicon Valley luminaries encouraged their social media followers to support the group, and some even pledged to match some donations.

“The ACLU took Trump to court. Let’s stand with them. Reply with donation receipts from today and I’ll match to $25,000,” venture capitalist Chris Sacca tweeted on Saturday. As replies poured in, Sacca doubled and tripled his match offer, then said he was “matching my own match and giving $150,000.”

Rosie O’Donnell, Sia and Judd Apatow are some of the entertainers who joined in.

The rollout of the executive order was rather ham-fisted but in the resulting confusion the left has managed to deceive a lot of already hysterical people into believing the order is a “Muslim ban.”  While people can reasonably debate the legality or effectiveness of the executive order, biased media and hyperbolic protests have many thinking the order is something it is not. This is an amazing windfall for the ACLU.


By Sunday evening, the ACLU said it had received $19.4 million in donations. At the end of the night, the group ran “one last set of numbers” for the weekend, according to a spokesman, and ended up at $24,164,691.

The donations came from 356,306 people, many of whom had never supported the group before.

The media and Democrats have created this chaos and confusion for their partisan purposes and it appears to have been a successful psyops mission.

No public Nativity display will be safe this year.


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