Senator Sanders, Spare Us Your Bogus Pandering About Science

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign unscientifically rejected all observable economic data and promised to magically have the government pay for everyone’s college tuition. He and most of his followers undoubtedly reject the clear science of human development for which thousands are marching in Washington DC today. Nonetheless the socialist Pied Piper to millions of hipsters, Redditors, and millennials is the latest leftist to agitate in support of scientists marching on Washington.


Back when the big Tea Party marches happened around the country, they were in response to actual legislation. They were scientific, if you will, because they were based on observable evidence that Barack Obama and his accomplices in the Democrat party and the media were selling us a snake oil health care law that they hadn’t even read. The science on Obamacare has continued to show that it is in fact the disaster predicted by the early data.

The Democrats claim they are “the party of science” but they are also the party of “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” and “you’ll save $2,500 a year on health insurance.”

They are the party that believes in non-existent things called “shovel ready jobs.”

They are the party of Guam capsizing and the party of 9/11 truthers who argue that fire can’t melt steel beams.

They are the party that perpetuates false narratives like “hands up don’t shoot.”

They are the party that tells us that sex isn’t genetically determined but sexual orientation is.

They are the party that believes a human being only magically becomes a person if another human being decides it is so. That nonsensical belief is as scientific as children clapping their hands to show they believe in faeries so Tinkerbell won’t die.


Democrats have no standing to criticize anyone for not being rational or empirical enough in their policy making. The “scientists” who will march on Washington are part of this party of lies. Forgive me if I’m no more moved by their tantrum than I was by the one thrown by crazy women dressed as vaginas.

All these marches and protests popping up across the country—including the one being planned by scientists—are being planned and executed before there is any measurable evidence for what they are allegedly protesting,  These lovers of science are protesting because reality is not conforming to their preferences.

They are campaign rallies for an election that is already over being conducted by people who refuse to acknowledge empirical facts.



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