Universal Buys Rights to Movie About 'Trump-like Dystopia' to Be Produced by Michael Bay

It’s no surprise that Hollywood would start making movies depicting the left’s fever dreams about where Trump will lead us. That Bay is the producer for this film called “Little America” makes me wonder if The Hollywood Reporter is accurately describing the script or if their article is associating Trump with fictional ruin to drive up traffic

Described by sources as a “sci-fun story rather than “sci-fi,” the tale is set in a dystopian future where a Donald Trump-like president has bankrupted America and China has called in its debts. The Asian giant now owns the U.S., and many Americans have emigrated to China looking for work.

I am no fan of Trump but after Obama leaving us with nearly a $20 trillion national debt it seems like a left wing self indulgence to make a Trump-like figure the one who bankrupts America. However, no sacrilege would ever be produced in Hollywood portraying an “Obama-like dystopia,” no matter how much it rang true. White, bible thumping, buffoonish Republicans are always the political villains.

A lot of what Bay creates portrays an America—and an American military—that is rather agreeable to conservatives. His series on TBS The Last Ship is probably the most unapologetically American drama on television. He also made 13 Hours, a movie depicting the heroic exploits of the men defending the American consulate in Benghazi without making it an anti-Hillary polemic. It would strike me as odd if he made a film that deliberately makes a point of lampooning Trump. If that is part of the script I wouldn’t expect much of it to make it to the screen.

In this new world, a former American Force Recon member is hired by a Chinese billionaire to go into an American ghetto and rescue his daughter. Sources have said it is in the tone of Escape From New York, the 1981 John Carpenter film that starred Kurt Russell.

Now that sounds like a Michael Bay film—American veteran conducting a rescue in hostile territory against all odds. Lots of shooting and exploding things.

It also sounds like a film where the American President would have very little to do with the actual story.

I’ll go out on a limb and say Hollywood Reporter is probably adding Trump flavor to their coverage to capitalize on the elevated levels of crazy across the internet right now. Trump is traffic.

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