Arrows From the Left Force Elizabeth Warren to Explain Her Vote to Confirm Ben Carson, More Arrows Follow

It’s always fun to watch the left eat its own, especially when the one being eaten is a socialist standard bearer and many Democrats’ great red hope for 2020. Poor Elizabeth Warren is taking fire for not being a total obstructionist with regard to the confirmation of Dr. Ben Carson as HUD Secretary. Voting to confirm the soft spoken, world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon to lead HUD is the worst thing ever, apparently.


I’d almost feel sorry them if it wasn’t so funny.

The explanation she gives is surprisingly reasonable given the source, but the people who pin their collectivist hopes on Warren think being reasonable is for suckers.

OK, let’s talk about Dr. Ben Carson.

Yes, I have serious, deep, profound concerns about Dr. Carson’s inexperience to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Yes, I adamantly disagree with many of the outrageous things that Dr. Carson said during his presidential campaign. Yes, he is not the nominee I wanted.

But “the nominee I wanted” is not the test.

Millions of American families depend on HUD programs, including tens of thousands of families in Massachusetts. For many of them, HUD assistance is the difference between a safe, stable home and life on the street. As someone who has spent a lot of time working on housing policy in this country, my focus is on helping these families – and the countless others who could benefit from a stronger agency.

During the nomination process, I sent Dr. Carson a nine-page letter with detailed questions on a whole range of issues: Section 8 housing assistance; lead exposure in public housing; programs to prevent and end homelessness; programs to help victims of domestic violence; fighting housing discrimination; HUD’s role in preparing for and recovering from natural disasters; and, more broadly, the standards he will use for managing the department, including the steps he will take to protect the rights of LGBT Americans.

Dr. Carson’s answers weren’t perfect. But at his hearing, he committed to track and report on conflicts of interest at the agency. In his written responses to me, he made good, detailed promises, on everything from protecting anti-homelessness programs to enforcing fair housing laws. Promises that – if they’re honored – would help a lot of working families.


She goes on to talk tough about plans to “turn up the heat” for other nominees like Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. That wasn’t good enough for many of the zealots.

“We cannot treat this like a normal presidency.” If the sides were reversed, this is the point where some leftist egghead would show up on CNN to express deep concern about the “othering” of President Trump.

“Their promises are worthless,” says someone who would have voted to re-elect President “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” if she could have.

The left’s ability to project without experiencing cognitive dissonance is really something to behold. Some psychologist should write a paper on it.

We need more CAPS LOCK!


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