Watch Gateway Pundit's Profanity Laced Screed Announcing His White House Press Credentials

WaPo blog The Fix reacted to the announcement (covered by Patterico here at RedState) that the Trumpaganda-shoveling Gateway Pundit blog will be getting White House press credentials. The announcement occurred at the alt-right “DeploraBall” where Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft appeared dressed as E. Buzz Miller for some reason.


“During the election, I had a million readers a day at the Gateway Pundit,” Hoft told DeploraBall attendees at the National Press Club. “Thank you. And the reason was because I was telling the truth. We’ve been in contact with the  Trump administration, and they’re going to do something different, and we got their word that the Gateway Pundit is going to have a White House correspondent this year.”

“Telling the truth” is not, by any objective measure, what the Gateway Pundit does. If you have a conspiracy theory or a hoax you want to spread, Hoft is your guy.

A million readers a day. That claim will have to be taken with a grain of salt given Hoft’s deplorable track record on telling the truth lately. It is pretty scary to imagine that many people running to their social media to share Hoft’s Trump-fellating fake news though. If true, we have a big problem in America.

You can witness Hoft’s ridiculous performance at the DeploraBall below.


(Language Warning)

(Apparently, his White House correspondent is going to be the pajama boy from the Obamacare ads?)

During the entire 2016 election cycle many of us have been reporting on the lowly state of conservative media. I have often said that the antidote to a corrupt, left-wing agenda driven media is not a corrupt, right-wing agenda driven media. That is precisely what appears to be happening in many cases though. Out with the Democrat-Media Complex, in with the Trump-Media Complex.




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