Make Kurdistani Seafood Great Again: 'Trump Fish' Opens in Northern Iraq

As a president-elect, one way of knowing that you’re off to a fantastic start on the foreign policy front is that people in foreign countries name restaurants after you. In Iraqi Kurdistan an enterprising restaurateur has used Donald Trump’s name and likeness (sort of) to brand his fish shop.


Could he help make Iraqi Kurdistan great again?

Some people here are so convinced he will that they are showing their love for Donald Trump in unusual ways.

One, Nadyar Zawiti, has jumped on the Trump train particularly enthusiastically, naming his fish restaurant in the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk after the US President-elect.

Zawiti heard Trump say during the campaign that he was a big fan of Kurdish forces, and called for the US to arm them in their fight against ISIS.

He’s hoping the incoming president will make good on his promise — so much so that he named his new restaurant Trump Fish.

“What I admire about Trump’s personality,” Zawite says, “is that he’s decisive, he’s tough, and hopefully with that toughness he’ll finish ISIS off.”

Believe me. Trump knows a lot about fish. He knows things about fish that no one else knows. This restaurant is soon going to be tired of winning new customers.

What about this doesn’t look appetizing? I mean, all the best fish restaurants have logos that look like constipated Spiderman villains.


Another reason? What did I miss?

Nadyar didn’t just steal Trump’s name and brand. He stole the logo from a parody post at Uproxx, and indirectly from the San Diego Chargers. The Donald Trump with lightning bolt hair and eyebrows was part of a humor post that visually Trump-ified NFL team logos. Redesigning NFL logos according to various gags is apparently an ongoing feature on the site.

So far there is no word about any impending lawsuits.


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