Trump Fans Want You To Boycott 'Star Wars'

This is probably the dumbest Trumper-tantrum so far. Thousands of the president-elect’s true believers  have tweeted the hashtag #DumpStarWars because of a rumor that filmmakers re-shot a scene in the soon to be released Rogue One in order to include some sort of anti-Trump message.


The campaign began with a series of tweets from activist Jack Posobiec, who claimed the writers changed the film to add scenes linking Mr Trump to racism.

Screenwriter Chris Weitz said that this was “completely fake”, though he and another writer have tweeted their opposition to the US president-elect.

#DumpStarWars has been retweeted 120,000 times in the past 24 hours.

Their guy won the election, but some insecure Trumpists are still getting triggered like they were pansexual gender-fluid otherkin Tumblr dwellers in the studio audience for Huckabee.

A grip is something these people need to get.

In a Periscope video, Jack Posobiec, who is an activist with Citizens for Trump, claimed the writers had said the Empire in the film “is a white supremacist organisation like the Trump administration and the diverse rebels are going to defeat them”.

“They’re trying to make the point of using this movie to push the false narrative… that Trump is a racist.” he said.

The basis of the claims appears to be tweets sent by Mr Weitz and fellow screenwriter Gary Whitta.

Following Mr Trump’s election win in November, Mr Weitz posted: “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organisation.”

Mr Whitta responded: “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”

Both tweets were deleted within the day and Chris Weitz later apologised for politicising the film.


In Posobiec’s video, he is flummoxed how anything in Star Wars could be perceived to be about race. That the Empire officers all looked like they were wearing surplus Nazi uniforms from Where Eagles Dare in the early films must have been lost on him. There was definitely some allegory there. It wasn’t the point of the movie, but it was definitely there.

This latest outrage comes on the heels of the #PizzaGate underage sex slave conspiracy theory and the backlash against Kellogg’s cereal for opting not to have their Google ads appear on Breitbart’s website. The Star Wars boycott will undoubtedly be just as successful.

Attempting to boycott a juggernaut franchise like Star Wars and make a noticeable dent in ticket sales is ridiculous. Boycotting every movie that has a message that leans left is also ridiculous. Many on the right complain about pop culture being dominated by leftists, but their response is simply to cede that ground by removing themselves from that arena. Packing up your toys and going home is never a winning strategy.


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