Leftist Mark Lamont Hill Attempts to Belittle Dr. Ben Carson, Fails

Mark Lamont Hill is an academic and a designated Marxist and race-baiter for networks like CNN and Fox News. He got a big laugh on a CNN panel for making some outlandish comparisons between Dr. Ben Carson and celebrity figures.


“Leadership skills are not transferable,” argued Hill.

“Like Ghostface Killah is the leader of Wu-Tang Clan. Right? Lebron James is the leader of Cleveland Cavaliers. Doesn’t mean they should be the leader of Housing and Urban Development.”

The panel further descended into laughter when Hill went on to scoff at the notion that Carson’s experience as a resident in public housing was a qualification for leading a large government agency.

“Coming out of public housing doesn’t make you qualified to run public housing,” said Hill, as CNN’s Don Lemon and panelists continued to chuckle. “By that logic, half of black America should be the head of HUD.”

One thing is fairly certain here. Had a conservative pundit used Hill’s exact analysis with regard to a Democrat nominee who was not caucasian, that pundit would have been attacked for being racist. Saying things which take full advantage of the left wing media’s double standards is part of Hill’s dull schtick. You would probably find very little evidence of Hill expressing doubt about the leadership skills of a community organizer from Chicago who only served half a term in the United States Senate before taking on a rather high profile executive position

Hill’s blanket statement about leadership skills not being transferable is wrong. Someone who possesses real leadership skill brings it to any job they do, where they learned to be a leader is not always important. Veterans often excel in civilian jobs that are different than what they did in the military. Leadership is one of the most transferable skills that exists. I hope Hill is only opining for effect and knows he’s wrong about this and knows that directing a surgical team at one of the nation’s top hospitals requires a different level of leadership than fronting a rap group or playing basketball does.


I honestly don’t know whether Dr. Carson is a good choice to be HUD Secretary. I know he’s a good man whose example should be considered valuable by people who claim to support inner city communities. Simply coming from one of those communities certainly doesn’t automatically qualify anyone to oversee federal policies aimed at those communities. Coming from one of those communities and managing to become a world renowned neurosurgeon suggests that maybe the man has some valuable insight into how to improve lives. Leftist hacks really show their true colors (no pun intended), when they condescend and dismiss people like Carson.


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