David Crosby: Every Black Person 'Knows Perfectly Damn Well' Trump Hates Them

david crosby

Geriatric rocker David Crosby was in Florida for a gig promoting his new album this week. In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, the walrus mustached hippie made some pretty outlandish statements about politics including blanket accusations of racism and likening Trump’s election to 9/11. He is a perfect illustration of the current strain of left wing paranoia.

Crosby said that he is “devastated” by what the interviewer refers to as “the election that changed everything.”

“I feel very badly for our country. I feel very badly for the women in our country, who just got kicked in the gut, or some other part of the anatomy. I feel really badly for, let’s see, just about everybody but fat, white males. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a Muslim in America right now. I think all of the blacks and Latinos are thinking, Holy s—, they pulled the rug out from underneath us again!”

White males with a healthy B.M.I. are a also in Trump’s crosshairs apparently. Have you noticed that for all the ranting about how Trump is going to roll us back to a pre-civil rights era America, none of the ranters ever point to a specific policy proposal by which he plans to do it.

No leftist temper tantrum would be complete without dire predictions of climatological  disaster. Crosby delivers on that as well as Putin scares and crazy hyperbole about what Trump’s election compares to historically.

“You live in Florida? Tampa? Well, the prediction is you’re going to go underwater, and this guy doesn’t believe that.” Foreign policy: “He is so stupid that Putin can play him like a piano, and will.”

“Now, okay, it isn’t Pearl Harbor,” he said. “It’s about as bad as 9/11, or maybe worse, because the consequences are much longer-reaching. So it’s really devastatingly bad.”

People like Crosby are why we can’t have serious discussions about anything in America. Vladimir Putin has been giving President Obama wedgies for eight years without Asked whether he saw anything about today that reminded him of the 1960s and 1970s, Crosby dropped this bit of lunacy.

Yeah, tons. The racism, which has been festering this whole time, and (Trump) tore the scab off. Every black person in this country knows perfectly damn well he hates them, including the president, who’s been a gentleman about it. Obama is roughly four times as smart as he is.

“Roughly.” He doesn’t want to commit to an exact ratio between Trump’s and Obama’s intelligence, but he is certain about what every single black person knows. The funny thing here is that Crosby’s assertions come across very much like a leftist version of Donald Trump’s cringe inducing tweets. The thoughtfulness is on the same level as the average YouTube comment.

Crosby apparently disagrees with Brainiac Obama on one issue though: gun control. Maybe this is what keeps Obama from being five times as smart as Trump.

No matter what your moral stance is about guns, you have to understand, if you back off and disconnect from the emotions connected to it, it’s just a piece of metal with some expanding gas throwing another piece of metal. It doesn’t have any goodness or badness to it. It’s the person holding the gun. And you can’t give me enough background checks or restraints on selling guns. That’s totally fine with me. What we have to do is somehow work on saning up the people that have got them, and that’s a matter of education. And the people in charge have been dumbing down the education as much as they can to make people more controllable. And it works.

Crosby is for some reason wishing that the people who want to make us more controllable had won the election. That makes him roughly four times as smart as a bag of hammers.

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