VIDEO: Violence in Chicago - Mob Beats Up Man Suspected Of Voting For Trump

Sporadic violence is erupting after the election of Donald Trump. Fox News is reporting about a video that has surfaced online of a group of people attacking a man they believe voted for Trump.


The video appears to show a white man who has been dragged from his car by several black men who take turns hitting him while bystanders yell “Don’t Vote Trump!” The video ends with the man hanging on to the outside of his car as one of his assailants drives off with it.

It is unclear whether the man who took the blows voted for president-elect Donald Trump, or if he was a Trump supporter.

Chicago police told DNAInfo Thursday they were investigating. Trump lost Illinois to Hillary Clinton.

Here is the original video on YouTube.

I don’t think the authenticity of the video has been confirmed, but at first glance it sure doesn’t look like a Joey Salads style hoax.


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