Leftist Wannabe Dictators Attack Trump by Comparing Him to Leftist Dictators

Did Hillary just lose Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and Jamie Foxx? It seems odd that an American Democrat would be using a Hugo Chavez comparison as a negative thing. Normally they love socialist dictators. But the Democrat National Committee released a video ad targeted at latino voters which compares Donald Trump to the late Venezuelan strong man.

The ad that’s caused the international furor is a Spanish-language spot that features comments by Trump saying that Clinton should be jailed and his vow to sue media organizations that spread “purposely negative, horrible and false” articles about the real estate mogul.

“Remind you of anyone?” the video says in Spanish, before showing images of Chávez dressed in military fatigues and a red beret while he ordered the closure of radio and television stations in Venezuela.

The ad, which was paid for by the Democratic National Committee in support of Clinton, goes on to compare Trump to 20th century dictators Mussolini and Hitler before urging voters to “protect” democracy.

Venezuela is unhappy with the comparison but Fox News Latino notes that it is unclear whether the Trump comparison or the inclusion of Mussolini and Hitler. Either way the Venezuelan Ministry of Truth is offended by the slight against their Big Brother.

“It is an expression of racist arrogance and irrationality from a party that does not serve its constituents,” Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez said in a statement obtained by Reuters. “Chávez is a leader who transcended our time for his democratic nature, his fight for the poor and universal feeling for humanity.”

Even leftist “journalist”—and spawn of Clinton toadie Sidney Blumenthal—Max Blumenthal seems displeased over the Democrats’ “red-baiting.”

Granted, some of Trump’s rhetoric about things like punishing the media are reminiscent of a banana republic strong man. At times the Republican nominee goes off script and seems to have inadequate knowledge of how our system of government works or what his powers as President would be. This can give the impression that he is running to be dictator. The jabs from the DNC may be highly exaggerated but they’re not entirely baseless, at least not in terms of Hugo Chávez. They would be fair game if the Democrats had a leg to stand on.

Again the problem is their hypocrisy. They are attacking Trump for being like someone their side wishes to emulate and whom many of their supporters love.


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