Gropey Joe Biden Tells PA Voters He Wants to Fight Donald Trump for Groping Women

The Vice President dialed up the outrage in Pennsylvania today while campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Biden told Hillary Clinton supporters that he doesn’t wish he could debate Donald Trump, he wishes he could fight him.

He said he wished he and Trump were in high school so he “could take him behind the gym” over Donald Trump’s remarks on the now infamous Access Hollywood video. (I presume that means fighting and not something weird.)

Does creepy uncle Joe really have the standing to be critical of a man for groping women from a position of power? This is the man who reportedly likes to swim in the nude in front of his female Secret Service agents. Word around Washington DC is that the Secret Service has a radio code word to warn female agents whenever Biden is enjoying naked time. That code word is said to be “anaconda.” I apologize for that mental image.

And lest we forget…


Helping pass the Violence Against Women Act isn’t a “get out of jail free card.”

Biden put on a pretty good display of righteous anger for the faithful in attendance but the basis of his attack on Trump makes you think twice about his sincerity…or at least his ability to recognize cognitive dissonance. He attacked Trump on his “abuse of power.” Joe Biden is the number two person (maybe number three if you count Valeri Jarrett) in one of the most lawless administrations in recent history.

He doesn’t have the credibility to criticize abuse of power either.

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