Verizon's Celeb Spokesman Wants to Crush Capitalism

Jamie Foxx has joined Sean Penn and Danny Glover on the list of filthy rich celebrities who have thrown their star power behind Venezuela’s unpopular leader Nicolas Maduro.

Yahoo News reports

Actor Jamie Foxx has met with President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

Foxx, who won the Oscar Award for “Ray” in 2004, visited Maduro in the presidential palace in Caracas. State media said Foxx was there to support the country’s socialist revolution and attend the signing of an agreement between Venezuela and its allies for the construction of houses for the poor.

Thanks to Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez, Venezuela routinely runs out of basic goods like food, medicine and even toilet paper. Still, many among the Hollywood left love the failed economic system implemented by Venezuela’s leaders. Foxx’s Twitter feed mentions nothing about Venezuela or Maduro.

Foxx is currently the celebrity pitchman for wireless giant Verizon and has a net worth estimated by some to be as high as $100 million. One has to wonder if Verizon is aware of Foxx’s support for socialist revolution in South America.

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