The Media Keeps Dodging Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Their Own Peril

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Suppose they gave a Presidential candidate a press dinner, and a Seinfeld episode broke out. Such was the case in New York City on July 11, when Democratic hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attended a press dinner in Manhattan. Regrettably, in lieu of covering any questions and answers of substance, this, of course, assuming there were any such questions, at least one media outlet in attendance preferred to highlight the low comedy of two geezers arguing about climate change. I’ll spare you the details; suffice it to say the exchange involved much yelling, profanity, and flatulence. Ah, media priorities.


The media being, well, the media, in the aforementioned story, a link is buried about Kennedy Jr.’s July 20 appearance before the House Judiciary Committee regarding the weaponization of the federal government against the citizenry.

The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government will hold a hearing on Thursday, July 20, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. ET. The hearing will examine the federal government’s role in censoring Americans, the Missouri v. Biden case, and Big Tech’s collusion with out-of-control government agencies to silence speech.


  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr., attorney
  • Emma-Jo Morris, journalist at Breitbart News
  • D. John Sauer, Special Assistant Attorney General, Louisiana Department of Justice

One would tend to think this upcoming event would take priority over a drunk aged gossip columnist and a drunk aged art critic yelling at each other, but this is today’s media of which we speak. As to the congressional hearing, let’s see how the media covers that. Other than attempting to smother it with a blanket so no one notices it so much as taking place.

Sarcasm aside, the story tidily fits into mainstream media’s overwhelming narrative of reporting solely that it wishes to repeat, making up the rest to fill air time and bylines while ignoring stories of substance. It also ties into the mainstream media’s incessant effort to paint RFK Jr. as a loon. Setting aside the hysteria over his skeptical eye cast toward Big Pharma and its vaccination fixation, consider the coverage he has received regarding his thoughts regarding the Russia-Ukraine War. This snippet is from a story filed regarding a June 20 speech:


On Tuesday night, Kennedy took direct aim at U.S. foreign policy while laying out his own global vision, calling the war in Ukraine a “creation of a relentless mentality of foreign domination” on the part of the United States and accusing the West — without evidence — of intentionally sabotaging peace talks in the spring of 2022 and, more specifically, claiming the U.S. wants to remove Russia’s authoritarian president, Vladimir Putin.

“I abhor Russia’s brutal and bloody invasion of that nation,” Kennedy told the crowd. “But we must understand that our government has also contributed to its circumstances through repeated deliberate provocations of Russia going back to the 1990s.”

At times, he leaned heavily on the foreign policy legacy of former President John F. Kennedy, telling attendees that nuclear tensions are on the rise today as in the time of his uncle, but that there is an opportunity “to take a radically different path, a path towards peace.”

Kennedy has been a frequent critic of America’s involvement in supporting Ukraine from Russia’s invasion, which he has repeatedly referred to as a “proxy war” that he claims, as he wrote on Twitter this week, is being fought “all for the sake of U.S. (imagined) geopolitical interests.”

“They wanted war as part of their strategic grand plan to destroy any country such as Russia that resists American imperial expansion,” Kennedy tweeted in May, launching into a critique of the Biden administration. “They only pretend to think it was unprovoked. They are lying to us, manufacturing consent for war.”


How DARE he!

Another example. Have you ever heard Kennedy Jr.’s thoughts on the environment?

Climate change is being used to control us through fear. Freedom and free markets are a much better way to stop pollution. Polluters make themselves rich by making the public pay for the damage they do. You show me a polluter, I’ll show you a fat cat using political clout to escape the discipline of the free market.

No, this is not a pro-Kennedy Jr. screed. The point is illustrating what he believes and how the media would rather cover drunk old men yelling and farting than anything of substance out of fear that if the Democratic primary voters ever found out they have a genuine alternative to Joe Biden, Biden would be in deep trouble.



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