BREAKING: Ron DeSantis to Officially Announce 2024 Presidential Bid on Wednesday

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Making the obvious official, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will announce his entry into the 2024 Presidential primary on Wednesday, May 24. DeSantis will make the announcement in ways both old and new.


Sources familiar confirmed to Fox News that the popular, conservative governor will declare that he’s a candidate for president, on Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET during a conversation with Elon Musk on Twitter.

Along with his announcement, DeSantis is expected to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, which officially launches his GOP presidential campaign. His first national TV interview since the announcement will be with Fox News’ Trey Gowdy Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on “Fox News Tonight.”

DeSantis’ throwing his hat into the ring, said hat doubtless not consisting of Mickey Mouse ears, has been long predicted, hoped for, and feared by many across the political spectrum. His resume is stellar: combat veteran, U.S. Congressman, a wildly popular governor who, in the most recent election, turned previously purple Florida into a red tide. DeSantis has championed issues within his state and across America that are dear to conservative hearts: parental rights in schools, fighting against transgender madness, and directly taking on woke corporations seeking to simultaneously preach their progressive dogma while leeching from state tax coffers. His aggressive style of directly challenging mainstream media has sent the latter into a hysterics-laden tizzy. For example, note Bonchie’s coverage on May 23 of reporter Tara Palmeri’s attempted assertion of a gotcha:


Am I supposed to believe that a politician’s fortitude is judged by their willingness to give in to the harassment of reporters in a stairwell? Because I’m pretty sure DeSantis has a track record a mile long of fighting the tough battles and getting actual legislation passed that adheres to the wants and needs of his constituents. I care much more about that than whether he ignores petulant reporters.

As is so often the case, though, Palmeri wasn’t telling the whole story of why DeSantis ignored her questions. The governor’s team just so happened to be recording, and they released the video that shows exactly what she was doing.


In other words, she wasn’t trying to ask DeSantis anything serious in a practical setting like a press conference (something he held just a few days ago). Instead, she was chasing him to his car trying to troll him over his fight with Disney. Is it any wonder he didn’t respond?

DeSantis’ official entry places him directly in Donald Trump’s sights. Trump has been running as hard, if not harder, against DeSantis than Joe Biden, a campaign tactic whose success level is questionable as Joe Cunningham pointed out on May 19.

All’s fair in love and war and political advertising, and I’m sure no one actually begrudges the Trump team for pushing this lame attack out. But it comes at a time when DeSantis just signed a sales tax exemption on key family-focused items, such as “diapers, wipes, children’s clothing, cribs, and strollers.”

It should also be noted that, as Governor of Florida, DeSantis has seen major revenue coming in without raising taxes on the citizens there. And, as a citizen of Florida, Trump himself knows this. But, again, don’t expect honesty in political ads. It’s all about trying to knock someone down, and in this case, with Republicans circling the wagons around Disney for some reason, everyone wants to knock down the most successful governor in the country.

Weird, isn’t it?


The polls, for whatever they are worth at this early stage, let alone worth period, show no clear-cut pattern other than DeSantis and Trump as the clear frontrunners with all other candidates, including Nikki Haley and the recently announced Tim Scott, as non-factors.

It bears mention — barely — that NeverTrump Inc. hates DeSantis as much as they hate Orange Man Bad. Get ready for the usual ugly mugs on the usual progressive “news” outlets spouting the usual garbage.

Buckle up, patriots. Things just got interesting.


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