Film Ladd’s New Video Exposes ‘Conservative’ Grifters

“No KanYE, Hitler Didn’t Invent Highways! Part 1” by Film Ladd (Credit: Film Ladd/YouTube)
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Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr. (Film Ladd) has released the follow-up to his hilarious, superb December 2022 dissection of Ye’s insane claim that Hitler invented the microphone. This time through, he explodes the myth that Hitler invented the highway. Or, at least, he starts in that direction. The video’s primary focus is exposing the pathological unholy trinity of conservatism, otherwise known as Milo Yiannopoulos, Nick Fuentes, and Ali (Akbar) Alexander.


Fuentes and Akbar are presently working on Ye’s 2024 Presidential campaign, and for the record, yes, it is challenging to write that with a straight face. Yiannopoulos was involved but dropped out (or was dropped out) when a dispute arose about payment in this regard.

For the uninitiated, a primer. At one time, Yiannopoulos was a prominent figure in conservative new media; an articulate, openly gay man who routinely combated and shredded liberals through his writings at Breitbart and various television appearances. His ascendant star crashed hard in 2017 when comments he had had in earlier years regarding pedophilia sometimes being a positive experience for youth understandably didn’t sit well with pretty much everyone. Go figure.

Fuentes’ publicly stated views regarding sex have marked him as one attempting to bring Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood End” to fruition, although if Fuentes is one of the parents most all agree it’d be best to let the species expire. His most significant political accomplishment, aside from providing maximum opportunities for conservatives to quote the late Andrew Breitbart whenever liberals accuse them of association with the twerp, has been yelling at Ben Shapiro in a crosswalk. Fuentes is the silver standard of antisemitic simp. I’d say gold, but he’s not worth that much.


Convicted felon Ali Akbar Alexander, or whatever last name he’s using this week, has run so many scams and schemes alongside immoral and illegal behaviors it’s near impossible to list them all. National Bloggers Club. Stop The Steal. And on and on. Currently, AAA is threatening Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’m sure she’s petrified.

But enough of my yakking. On to the video.

Among Ehlinger Jr.’s strengths are an encyclopedic knowledge of classic film and television. He uses this to slyly insert fair-use clips from same into his videos as emphasis for his points. He also knows how to use an idiot’s words against them without excessive commentary. Instead, he adds the right amount of context to reinforce the tree after a moron slings the rope they brought over its strongest branch.

One may wonder what the point of Ehlinger Jr.’s videos on Ye and grifters might be. Shouldn’t everyone know by now who these losers are? Actually, no, everyone does not. Certainly, Donald Trump’s people didn’t when they agreed to have Fuentes accompany Ye to dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Not everyone is a political wonk. The more information publicly available on scum suckers needing exposure, the better. Knowledge is power. It is just as important to know who claims fealty to the conservative cause but who, in truth, is garbage to be exposed and expelled as it is to understand the progressive power players. Film Ladd is doing all of us a tremendous favor, and he deserves maximum support.



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