Cephas Hour Offers Relief From the Current Madness

Do what it says. (Credit: Jerry Wilson)

Back in 1970, on his Tea for The Tillerman album, Cat Stevens sang, “I know that it’s not easy to be calm when you’ve found something going on.” These are apt words for today’s multiple-front insanity. When, also in 1970, Ray Davies of The Kinks sang, “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls,” it’s doubtful he had the current physical and mental mutilation frenzy in mind. Societal and political madness abound. It’s high time for people to wake up. With this theme in mind, the two most recent episodes of Cephas Hour, the podcast featuring the best in Christian rock and pop from then and now, were assembled. Knowledge is power. Spiritual knowledge is power plus.


The first show starts with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame resident and conservative stalwart Richie Furay with an energetic live rendition of “Wake Up My Soul.” Furay is a treasure; a perfect antidote to foolish behavior on all fronts.

Given how the podcast leans heavily toward the alternative side, more than a few deserving artists don’t receive much air time. I turned it down a bit in this episode to get some different people on. One is Benny Hester.

This song, “When God Ran,” was #1 on Christian radio for 13 straight weeks in 1985. Not bad.

Another artist appearing in this episode who doesn’t show up much is the late Keith Green.

Green, who died in a 1982 plane crash, was the zealot’s zealot, unafraid to cross swords with whoever or whatever ran contrary to whichever theological jag he was following at the time. Nevertheless, his fervent passion for Christ was unquestionable, and even today, 40 years after his ascent to glory, he remains a powerful voice.

The second show leans more into the rock side of things, starting with a track from one of the best Christian rock albums you’ve never heard: Unveiled by the late Sean Doty backed by the 77s.

The title is a wordplay both clever and sobering. Each verse describes humanity at its worst, ending with “baby you’re to die for.” The chorus explains:

Baby you’re to die for
Baby you’re to die for
You’re within the reach of grace
Let mercy extend to every place
You’re to die for

A reminder that Christ died for all, and no one is beyond His power to save.


The rock doesn’t stop as the show roars through an artist roster rich in Christian rock royalty: Resurrection Band, DeGarmo & Key, Whiteheart, and many more. Included in this list are Orange County raw rockers Altar Boys.

And, about the only thing Sacramento has it can be proud of, namely, The 77s.

You can listen to the shows on demand at the website or through assorted podcast vessels:

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cephas-hour/id1545525783

Google: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9nb2xkZmlzaGFuZGNsb3ducy5jb20vY2VwaGFzaG91ci9jZXBvZC5yc3M

iHeart Radio: https://iheart.com/podcast/81284016/

NOTE: Ignore any invalid certificate messages on cephashour.com; I’m working on it.


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