BREAKING: Gunman on Random Shooting Spree in Memphis

A 19-year-old gunman is terrorizing Memphis, Tennessee tonight, shooting people without warning. The Memphis Police Department has identified Ezekiel Kelly as the shooter, adding that he apparently is, or has, live-streamed at least part of his rampage on Facebook.


The Memphis Police Department took to its Twitter account to warn citizens.

At this time, the number and condition of victims is unknown.

Kelly has a warrant for his arrest on first-degree murder charges, although it is unknown whether the warrant is based on actions during his current shooting spree or an earlier incident. Kelly is prone to use social media under the screen name Zeke Huncho. An account under that name has recently been deleted from Facebook. Reports from those who saw the page prior to its deletion state Kelly often spoke of murder and obtaining fame.

Kelly carjacked a Toyota after starting his shooting spree driving a different car, in the process shooting the woman from whom he stole the car.

A report by Memphis television station WREG states there are two confirmed shootings with three other possible shootings. The same report presently indicates police have surrounded the vehicle Kelly carjacked earlier, with him inside and refusing to surrender.


Just as this article was set to publish, WREG provided an update indicating that Kelly had been taken into custody.

Further developments will be posted as they occur.


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