Citizens Take Action at Macy’s Attempted Smash and Grab … Against the Police

(John Roark/Athens Banner-Herald via AP)

Last night at a Macy’s in San José, California, swift and aggressive internal security action thwarted an attempted group robbery. Following the arrival of police, two citizens apparently unconnected with the robbers were arrested for interfering with the police as they attempted to apprehend the suspects.


From local television station KNTV:

A cellphone video obtained by NBC Bay Area Saturday night appeared to show an officer asking a woman to back away outside Oakridge Mall, and then an altercation ensued.

It all happened as police responded to the mall on reports of a theft inside the Macy’s store involving several suspects.

Two witnesses NBC Bay Area spoke with said they saw security guards detaining a teenager. They said the guards were being rough with the teen, and then the witnesses became more concerned when police arrived.

Elsewhere in the story, the report notes that the robbers assaulted a female store employee who suffered mild to moderate injuries.

Although it shouldn’t, it amazes me that in a time of rampant retail crime where not just property but both lives and livelihoods are being damaged or lost, there remain individuals so addicted to anti-cop hysteria that they attempt actively protecting shoplifters. ACAB is apparently even more addictive than PCP.

It warrants mention that Macy’s has obviously had enough. In lieu of the usual retail smash and grab robbery response, namely don’t do anything because someone might get hurt, Macy’s has on hand employees taking direct action to thwart theft.


The incident follows on the heels of San Francisco Bay Area politicos such as San Francisco mayor London Breed suddenly embracing the notion that maybe mollycoddling retail thieves is wrong. Whether district attorneys such as San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin, who dwell forever in a land of lollipop dreams beneath a cotton candy sky where criminals are merely misunderstood victims needing naught but gentle corrective advice to embrace the straight and narrow, are on board with this remains to be seen. I wouldn’t bet heavily on it.

Prayers for the store employee to heal swiftly and completely from her injuries. And prayers for those who even now believe saying tsk-tsk in response to violent crime to one day get a clue. Hey, it’s not impossible. God still works miracles.


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