Donald Trump Gets TRUTH Social Ready to 'Rumble'

AP Photo/Ben Gray

Continuing his pursuit of a cancel culture-free social media platform, Donald Trump has engaged the services of Rumble to provide hosting and other services for his under development TRUTH Social media platform. From the press release:


Trump Media & Technology Group (‘TMTG’), today announced that it has entered into a wide-ranging technology and cloud services agreement with Rumble Inc. (‘Rumble’). As part of the partnership, Rumble will deliver video and streaming for TRUTH Social. TMTG and Rumble are also in exclusive negotiations for Rumble to provide infrastructure and video delivery services for TMTG’s Subscription Video On-Demand product, TMTG+.

President Donald J. Trump, Chairman of TMTG, commented, “As part of our mission, TMTG continues to align with service providers who do not discriminate against political ideology. Therefore, I have selected the Rumble Cloud to serve as a critical backbone for TMTG infrastructure. TMTG has already launched Truth Social on the Rumble Cloud for invited guests only, and the initial Beta launch has been excellent. America is ready for TRUTH Social, and the end to cancel culture.”

Chris Pavlovski, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rumble, said, “Rumble is excited to provide technology and cloud services to TMTG. We continue to build the infrastructure to deliver a free, open, and neutral internet. Rumble was designed to be immune to cancel culture, and we are at the forefront of a movement that believes everyone benefits from access to a neutral platform that hosts diverse ideas and opinions.”


Rumble, which a few days ago announced it was going public, has set itself up as an alternative to Google’s YouTube. Rumble is a streaming provider that allows monetization by content creators without the hypocritical leftist bias YouTube has often demonstrated. RedState uses Rumble as a means of communicating directly with its audience.

This partnership between TMTG and Rumble is nothing but good news. In a world where leftists simultaneously cry “so build your own platform” when conservatives rightly (no pun intended) complain about Big Tech censorship, only to cry foul when conservatives actually do go out on their own platform-wise, it is refreshing to see strength embracing strength. I applaud this move and look forward to what is coming.


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