Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Truth in Dating

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The other day, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and company held a pro-abortion media event. One of my fellow writers thoroughly covered this hideous satanic abomination, so I won’t be doing the same. However, something AOC said warrants further examination.


“Six weeks pregnant — and it’s shameful that this education even needs to happen because this conversation shouldn’t even be held in a legislative body — six weeks pregnant is two weeks — two weeks late for one’s period. When you are raped, you don’t always know what happened to you. You are — and I speak about this as a survivor. You are in so much shock, and by the way, people who commit abuse and victims and survivors of sexual assault are overwhelmingly assaulted by someone they know. And this myth that it’s some person lurking on a street or in a parking lot waiting to sexually assault you, that myth only benefits the abusers in power that want you to think that that’s how it happens. It’s your friend, it’s a boyfriend, it’s a boss, it’s a legislator. You are in so much shock at what happened to you. Sometimes it takes years to realize what actually went on.”

Buried within this rant against the myth pretty much no one with more than three functioning brain cells believes, that being the majority of rapes are committed by strangers — yes, AOC, we know the majority of rape is committed by someone the victim knows — is a truth even this ploy to use a topic as vile and hideous as rape for political gain cannot soil. Namely, the damage done when the utter failure to exercise self-control and respect for others takes hold to the level of someone justifying sexual violence against another.

Before proceeding, a common myth regarding rape being primarily, if not exclusively, about power and not sex needs to be dismissed for the fallacy it is.


… Richard Felson, professor of sociology and criminology at Penn State, and Richard Moran of Mount Holyoke College provided statistics showing that most rape victims are young women. Youth, of course, is strongly linked in the scientific literature to sexual attractiveness. One could counter that young women are targeted because they are vulnerable, naïve, or easier targets. But elderly women, and children make even easier targets, yet they are not raped at the same high rates. Moreover, when cases of robbery (where control and power goals have already been satisfied) end in rape, the victims are mostly young women. “The evidence is substantial and it leads to a simple conclusion: most rapists force victims to have sex because they want sex,” the researchers assert.

In other words, the refusal to refuse yielding to base desires.

Our culture is saturated and obsessed with sex. There is a natural element at play; after all, how do we think we got here? That said, the utter divorce of sex from its intended place and purpose, namely in addition to procreation it being a seal of, and marker placed within, the exclusivity of marriage as a sign of the intense passionate love Christ the Bridegroom holds for His bride the Church. Something you don’t hear preached in a lot of pulpits, alas.

Sex separated from the sacred has the capacity for a rapid descent into the hideous. Even if one does not accept the above definition of sex’s proper place, basic human decency should tell us that if it is not completely mutual there should be no attempt to pursue the matter. Note that reluctance is not refusal. But yes is yes and no is no, or at least ought to be.


Dating is at best an inelegant dance, its choreography seemingly laid out under the influence of psychedelics as we attempt ascertaining the other person’s intent and purpose while struggling to define these same elements within ourselves. The thing can seem quite dehumanizing at times. Certainly frustrating. Ofttimes heartbreaking. Occasionally even humorous.

But above all else, dating — for that matter, relationships on any level — must always be truthful and mutually respectful by both sides. Respect doesn’t force itself. Nor does it indulge using whatever methods of control may be at hand, be they sex or money or what have you, as a way of getting what one wants. It certainly shouldn’t take AOC attempting to use forced sex as a means of making abortion seem humane to bring this out.


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