Abject Evil Appeared on Capitol Hill Today

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Amid all the chaos and infighting by Democrats over the reconciliation, another, more important argument was happening on Capitol Hill. The House held a hearing on abortion, with figures like Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in attendance. What we saw was abject evil put on display for the entire world to see.


Truly, it was a disgusting, sickening spectacle illustrating just how far we’ve fallen as a society.

This is truly “Twilight Zone” material, with Pressley claiming that not killing children of minority descent is somehow white supremacy. In reality, I’m pretty sure white supremacists love it that blacks outpace other demographics in getting abortions. But this is the kind of idiocy that emanates from the left these days. There is no logic or reason to anything that is said, including the mention of queer people needing abortions, a contention that seems rather unlikely given queer people can’t procreate. Like a woke automaton, Pressley just repeats buzzwords to the cheers of her supporters no matter how nonsensical it may be.

As to the mention of Hitler, just because Hitler did something does not make it evil. Hitler also liked dogs. Dogs are, in fact, not evil. Further, Hitler did not ban abortion for everyone. His goons performed many on people he found “undesirable,” which is analogous to modern abortion in that it targets the lowest levels of society.


Things didn’t stop there, though. A “doctor” testified who claimed that abortion was loving.

Being able to murder anyone you want is indeed freedom, but not all freedom is moral and good. Abortion is taking another life, almost exclusively for the reason of convenience. Nothing about that is loving or a blessing. To call it that is absolutely Orwellian. This person has no business holding a medical license, and it’s to our great shame as a nation that we allow murderous fools like this to hold positions of authority.

Then there was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who in all her narcissism, made her commentary about herself being a “survivor.”

Again, the idea that killing black children somehow hurts white supremacists makes no sense whatsoever. And no, at no point was our country founded on “reproductive control.” It was, in fact, founded on the right to life, something that is being denied to hundreds of thousands of babies a year.


AOC is a gross human being, and frankly, I’m tired of playing nice with these people. They deserve your scorn. They deserve to be called what they are, which is supporters of killing children. They do not deserve to be accepted in polite society. Abortion is completely analogous to slavery, in that it denies personhood to human beings based on the arbitrary notions of those in power. If someone came out in support of slavery today, would we remain cordial? Of course, we wouldn’t, and abortion should be treated no differently.

Our nation is depraved for allowing this to continue, and may God forgive us that so many sit idly by instead of speaking out.


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