Jen Psaki Just Confirmed the White House Is Going to 'Force' Vaccine Mandates on Private Enterprise

Yesterday, the White House previewed Joe Biden’s upcoming 6-point plan to combat COVID-19, with Jen Psaki making the statement that how people are affected will depend on “whether they are vaccinated or not.” While that was ominous enough, pointing to a coming, overbearing federal mandate for private companies with federal contracts, today’s press briefing essentially confirmed the worst-case scenario.


When asked whether the Department of Labor or another entity could force vaccine mandates not just on private companies with federal contracts, but major employers without federal contracts, Psaki responded with a resounding “Yes.” She then told the reporter to “stay tuned” for Biden’s speech today where he will lay out the coming action.

Listen to the entire clip for the full context.

The smugness with which these people treat violations of basic individual liberties is disgusting to watch. Psaki smiles as the question is being asked and then cheerfully announces that the federal government intends to mandate vaccines for major employers outside of the government’s purview (i.e. those without federal contracts). How they are going to do that is anyone’s guess. I’d assume some kind of rule via the Department of Labor that applies to companies with a certain number of employees. Is that legal? It certainly doesn’t seem like it should be, but once it enters the courts, there are no guarantees.


Now, I suppose there’s the possibility that Psaki misunderstood the question and Biden’s big plan will not include a mandate on private employers without federal contracts, but I can only comment on what is on tape. The question was clear and precise and Psaki’s answer was unequivocal. She said what she said, and unless something changes as far as the White House’s position goes, she just confirmed private sector vaccine mandates.

I will say this, though. If the administration goes through with this, they are going to have the biggest domestic battle in modern American history on their hands. And I have no idea how that ends. Will some businesses outright refuse? Will customers boycott and employees strike? What’s the enforcement mechanism for all of this? This is a grenade being thrown into the labor market that goes beyond anything else seen before. Buckle up.


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