Are Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Really Packing It In?

If any further proof is required that despite all its current leftist culture pandering the NFL still rules the American sports roost, one need only look at today’s headlines. Baseball in full swing? That’s nice. Basketball and hockey rapidly approaching the playoffs? Okay. The Kentucky Derby, the horse race that makes even non-horse racing fans take note, took place this afternoon? Eh, whatever. Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay? ELEVENTY!!!


Rodgers, whose portrait sits somewhere in a mysterious hall next to one with the name Dorian Gray crossed out and Tom Brady written underneath, is fresh off a season in which he managed to carry a less-than-scintillating Green Bay Packers squad to the NFC Championship game, in which the Packers fell short to the Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His consolation prize was not one, but all three Most Valuable Player awards: the Associated Press MVP, Pro Football Writers MVP, and Sporting News NFL Player of the Year. Not bad for a thirty-seven-year-old man with precious little to throw to save Davante Adams and an offensive line that against the Buccaneers was very offensive if your preference is Rodgers actually having enough time to make a play or two. Yet even with that, Rodgers had his team poised for a possible tie with two minutes and five seconds left in the game.

Remember the scene? Down by eight points. Fourth and goal on the Tampa Bay 8-yard line. Decision time. Your options are: 1) go for the touchdown, if successful make the two-point conversion, if again successful pray your defense can keep Brady from running a successful two-minute drill, take your chances in overtime. Or, 2) do what Packers head coach Matt LaFleur decided. “I’ve got it! We’ll kick a field goal, be down by five points, and give Brady the ball back so he can run out the clock like he’s done a million times before in big games! BRILLIANT!”


And people wonder why Rodgers is not amused with the Packers, especially given how all it takes is a moment of reviewing how the Buccaneers, after securing Brady’s services before the 2020-2021 season, immediately set about assembling the pieces he wanted to ensure maximum success. Translation: one franchise values its star quarterback and aggressively pursues obtaining the players he needs to succeed, while the other hands their star quarterback a tub of Play-Doh and afterward commences grousing about why he hasn’t replicated Michelangelo’s David.

There is also the curious incident of the draft in the nighttime. In 2020, the Packers traded up in the first round to pick Rodgers’ heir apparent Jordan Love from Utah State. They did so without informing Rodgers. You thus had the double whammy of Green Bay not only not selecting someone Rodgers could throw a few passes to, but of bringing in his replacement while Rodgers was and is still performing at peak level. If Love is all that and a bag of chips, great. However, top-notch quarterback prospects are available every year. One would think if the Packers are interested in winning now while Rodgers still has his mojo they’d draft some more receivers and/or bolster an offensive line that Tampa Bay utterly abused in the aforementioned NFC championship tilt.


You thus have the present situation. Rodgers, aside from a few cryptic comments here and there, has made no public comment on his situation yet seems quite content letting the word spread that he’s burning his cheesehead hat and preparing to move on. The Packers are in full panic mode, coaches and executives alike racking up major frequent flyer miles between Wisconsin and Rodgers’ California home begging him to reconsider, while publicly proclaiming Aaron is the awesomest and of course we’re not going to trade him. This begs the question as to why Green Bay has the Denver Broncos on speed dial.

An additional factor worth mentioning is that Rodgers has no problem opening his pocketbook to assist others. Last year he doled out one million dollars to assist small businesses in his Northern California hometown and county. This is not the first time he’s taken action for those impacted by disaster. He also has no problem whatsoever ripping local and state politicians a new one for preaching without practicing onerous COVID restrictions. Little wonder that he is longing to play for a team that values winning as much as he values both winning and helping others.

And there you have it. This drama looks to be a long-running affair; should Green Bay decide to part ways with Rodgers it will most likely wait until after June second in order to greatly soften the blow to its salary cap. Until then, expect at best more cryptic comments and most likely direct radio silence from Rodgers and more PR posturing from the Packers. Even as he heads toward his personal wedding, Aaron Rodgers is dropping more than a few hints he’s heading toward a very messy professional divorce.



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