VIDEO: Rashida Tlaib Has No Comment When Asked About Hamas Beheading Israeli Babies


On Tuesday morning we learned that the bodies of 40 babies slaughtered by Hamas had been found in the southern Israeli town of Kfar Aza, some of them having been beheaded. Throughout the day, mainstream journalists and Hamas sympathizers accused Israel of having made it up, and claimed it was propaganda. However, the CBS News and CNN eventually reported on the horrific discovery, and President Biden referenced it in his address to the nation.


Fox News' Hilary Vaughn asked Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who was visibly emotionally distraught while talking about migrant children being separated from their parents at the U.S. border in 2019 and called it "traumatic" and "inhumane," about Hamas beheading babies and burning children alive, and she had nothing to say.

Tlaib continued walking to her office, where a Palestinian flag stands outside the door, not saying a word.

Here's a flashback of Tlaib in 2019.


Journalist Steve Guest also shared a clip of Tlaib's odd comments about the holocaust during an interview.

She talked about her ancestors having given up land so that the survivors of the Holocaust could have a safe place to live but that it was done by force and that wasn't okay. She but described having a calming feeling when thinking about the Holocaust and her relatives' sacrifice, which is kind of an odd way to describe resentment.



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