'Hurriquake' Hot Takes After 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Los Angeles Area During Hurricane Hilary

Downtown Los Angeles, September 2022. CREDIT: Jennifer Van Laar/Townhall Media

As Southern Californians were riding out the remnants of Hurricane Hilary on Sunday afternoon, phones across the region blared with an emergency warning that some (including this writer) thought would be a flood warning or somehow related to the rainy, windy weather - but instead, it was a Shake Alert warning of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake about to hit.


And hit it did, about 15-30 seconds later in my estimation.

Initial reporting from the USGS is that it was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake centered 4 miles south of Ojai, in Ventura County, or about 20 miles from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

Angelenos took to Twitter to discuss, check in with each other, and share descriptions of the type of shake they felt, and a new term was born: The Hurriquake.

We present you with RedState's Hot Takes: California Hurriquake Edition:

Merriam-Webster chimed in:

But apparently Urban Dictionary posted about the possibility back in 2010.


While those of us in Los Angeles were very happy when Kobe and Shaq learned to play together, perhaps this hurricane and earthquake collab isn't what Hollywood needs.

The heaviest rains from the remnants of Hilary are now hitting the Los Angeles area, and a few of our California-based RedState writers have already figured out that their home has roof or window leaks. So, we're praying that God doesn't decide to take it up a notch as the center of the storm comes through tonight.


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